National Chair

  Alex Yuan

National Vice-Chair:

  Tom Pang

Central Co-Chair:

  Kenny Tsui

Executive Secretary:

  Eric Wen

National Treasurer:

  Alex Kwong


  • May Chow
  • Lydia Du
  • Cindy Ho
  • Harry Jeganathan
  • Christina Liu
  • John Liu
  • Billy Lok
  • Raymond Sui
  • Bill Wu
  • Frank Yen
  • Jonathan Yeung
  • Kam Leung Yeung
  • John Zhu
  • Judy Zhu

    Welcome to the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association Website!

    We stand united behind Andrew Scheer, our Conservative Party of Canada Leader!

    Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

    Chinese Canadian Conservative Association Mission Statement

    • To Promote the principles and policies of  the Conservative Party of Canada
    • To encourage full participation of Canadians in the political process at all levels of government in Canada
    • To help elect Conservative candidates to public office
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